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Industrialist, Angel Investor, & a Humanitarian

ABOUTSyed Sheharyar Ali

Syed Sheharyar Ali is a committed business professional in Pakistan who has steadily made a positive impact in diverse industries. With a humble beginning at Treet Corporation Limited in 2001 as one of the youngest directors, he has gained a wealth of managerial experience over the years.

Currently, Syed Sheharyar Ali manages a broad portfolio encompassing Manufacturing, Healthcare & Hospitality, Technology, Automobiles, Trade & Distribution, and Sports & Education. Known for his collaborative and supportive leadership, he focuses on building strong relationships and promoting the shared vision of the corporation, all while maintaining a genuine passion for facilitating growth and success for everyone involved.

Friedrich Nietzche famously remarked that it was a glorious thing to be well-descended, but the glory belongs to the ancestors. In as far as the referral is to coast along on the success of one’s progenitors, Neitzche was right. However, considering the aspect of genetics and accumulated experience of the preceding generation, our provenance is our identity and determines our behavioral patterns, along with the given environment.

In his antecedents, Sheharyar Ali has been excessively fortunate. He is the son of a family that planted its entrepreneurial roots in Pre-Partition India; Its notable business being purveyors of edibles to the Raj. That Ali being Syed Wazir Ali, who was Sheharyar’s great great grandfather. His great grandfather was Syed Maratib Ali, an enduring legend among the people of Punjab, as a man who placed his cheque book at the Quaids disposal when the nascent Pakistan was inundated with financial exigences. Sheharyar’s grandfather was Syed Wajid Ali who’s business trajectory runs commensurate with the growth of industrial development in the country. Of signal importance and interest is the fact that in the early 50’s when only an infinitesimal proportion in the US had heard of Pakistan, a young man of unbounded faith in the future of his country arrived in Michigan to meet with the formidable Henry Ford, to persuade the latter to collaborate in setting up a Ford Assembly Plant in Karachi. In that, Syed Wajid Ali was the first multinationalist in Pakistan. Syed Shahid Ali, Sheharyar’s father has continued the family tradition and vastly expanded the family business.

Coursing strongly the family narrative is a sustained commitment to philanthropy, adherence to the letter of the law and a measured and constructive nationalism.

Through his family’s social responsibility commitment, Sheharyar has imbibed the lesson that if self-interest is a biological imperative then a concomitant consonance with a wider social ethic is no less vital.

Syed Sheharyar Ali has often alluded to his belief that a successful businessman can only be an amalgamation of enlightened self-interest and a social responsibility.