Corporate Profile


Syed Sheharyar Ali


Chief Strategy Officer

Treat Group of Companies

Syed Sheharyar Ali is one of Pakistan’s most prominent business leaders, innovators & entrepreneurs and an acclaimed administrator of an eminent and diverse business group. Syed Sheharyar Ali is a multifaceted personality, with a vast executive managerial experience in diverse business domains. Syed Sheharyar Ali joined Treet Corporation Limited back in 2001 as one of the youngest directors, and today with a proven executive management track record and over 20 years of experience, he is currently managing and successfully administrating a very diversified portfolio consisting of Manufacturing, Healthcare & Hospitality, Technology, Automobiles, Trade & Distribution, and Sports & Education. Syed Sheharyar Ali is an inspiring and motivational Leader with first-rate interpersonal skills and the ability and passion to develop the vision of the corporation.

Corporate Journey

Mr. Sheharyar Ali has a very diverse executive managerial experience expanding over 20 years in an array of business domains.


Treet Corporation Limited (Executive Director)

Treet Corporation Limited is the leading manufacturer of all types of shaving blades and razors from the past 50 years. Having all the international quality assurance certifications, Treet Corporation manufactures the most reliable shaving blades.

FTMM (Executive Director)

FTMM with their advanced production units currently deals in the production of multiple utility products, including Specialized Lead Batteries, Corrugated packaging and Soaps.

Packages Limited (AMS)

Established in 1956 as a joint venture between the Ali Group of Pakistan and Akerlund and Rausing of Sweden, Packages Limited provides premium-packaging solutions to various clients.

Treet Holdings Limited (Director)

With state-of-the-art production facilities and highly trained work force Treet Holdings Limited deals with the assembling of motorcycles.

Hi-Tech Alloy Wheel Ltd. (Director)

Hi-Tech Alloy Wheels Ltd. with their vast experience and highly talented workforce deals in the manufacturing and production of top-quality alloy wheels.

Loads Limited (Director)

Known for its reliability, resilience and quality Loads Limited manufactures automotive Radiators, Mufflers/Exhausts Systems and Sheet Metal Components for Multinational automotive assemblers in Pakistan including Toyota, Honda & Suzuki.

Health Care & Hospitality

Liaqat National Hospital & Medical College (Member Governing Body & Executive Committee)

Liaqat National Hospital is the largest private-sector tertiary care hospital of Karachi, catering to approximately 2000 patients daily. While the medical college affiliated with the hospital offers an array of professional degrees.

Gulab Devi Hospital Kasur (Director)

Inaugurated by Mr. Mahatma Gandhi back in 1934, and established by Mr. Lajpat Rai, Gulab Devi Hospital is a trust hospital that is run by the notable philanthropists of Pakistan and provides specialized treatments for TB and other throat diseases.

Renacon Pharma (Director)

Renacon Pharma is the pioneer of Bicarbonate Hemodialysis Concentrate manufacturing in Pakistan with ISO 9001, ISO 13485, CE0120 & cGMP certification.

Junoon Restaurant (Managing Director)

Junoon Restaurant is fairly a new addition in Lahore’s fancy dining, offering a wide range of Pakistan’s cuisine. It is a go-to place for all food lovers and enthusiasts.

Bookit247 (Chief Executive Officer)

Bookit247 is soon to be one of the leading websites for hotel bookings offering completely reliable hotel booking services through a network of localized websites and call centers.


RoboArt (Director)

At RoboArt, a capable group of engineers is constantly innovating to facilitate in your every walk of life by providing you the products that automate your life and make it simpler.

Frag Games (Director)

Frag games is a mobile gaming studio specializing in 3D social games that push the limits of fun and interaction. Frag aims to do no less than light up your screen and put a grin on your face.

Trade & Distribution

Elite Brands (Director)

To revolutionize the unorganized distribution sector of Pakistan, launched a Full-Service DSD Distribution Company specialized in the distribution and logistic services.

Global Econo Trade (Director)

Global Econo Trade is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Treet Corporation Limited with an independent, extensive nationwide sales and marketing network for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCGs).

TCL Labor Hire (Director)

TCL Labor Hire serves a broad market that fits within the scope of temporary staffing providing their services in multiple and diverse categories which include, debris cleaning, loading, unloading, sweeping, digging, stacking, sorting, etc.

Education, Arts & Sports

Global Arts Limited (Director)

Global Arts Limited promotes, establishes and manages educational institutions providing technical training, primary, secondary and higher education with national and international affiliations.

Institute of Art and Culture (Director)

With the clear intentions of empowering and revolutionizing the education sector, the Institute of Arts and Culture was one of the first institutes to introduce the Liberal Arts platform in Pakistan.

Cutting Edge (Director)

Cutting Edge is an independent English Weekly Magazine being published from Lahore. It aims to bring the best to our readers providing them with a detailed analysis of all the latest news and current affairs.

All Pakistan Music Council (Vice President)

All Pakistan Music Council is mainly responsible to promote and preserve Pakistan’s music and musicians by arranging concerts, conferences, and festivals.

Pakistan Kick Boxing Federation (President)

Syed Sheharyar Ali is the elected president of Pakistan Kick Boxing Federation.



BBA, University of Saint Louis Missouri, USA


BBA, Imperial College Pakistan


A-Level, Lahore College of Arts and Science