Being an established Industrialist, over the course of these years, I have been associated with various prominent companies belonging to a diverse array of domains. I have had the privilege to serve key roles in such associations, directly contributing to the successes of those companies in not just the local market, but the much wider global market as well.

Angel investor

Being a strong supporter of the startup ecosystem of Pakistan, I have always been an avid investor who is always on the lookout to back our young entrepreneurs, who set out to solve real life problems. I have faith in the capability of our youth and am always there to lend them all the support they require, be it in the form of an investment, or mentorship.


Being one of the country’s top business leaders, I especially consider Humanitarian work a moral responsibility of mine. I am a strong believer in the noble cause of giving back to our society, which is why I actively engage in social projects and contribute by lending my support to all those entities who are working towards the welfare of others in our country.

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